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there is a case, all the entrepreneurs are afraid of facing the opponent money faster than you, the speed of development can not be underestimated, but also accuse you of the road is right, but your own is the right way. Business platform of maternal wheat Tesco founder Jack Ma encountered a similar situation, since 2013 opened the maternal electricity supplier price war started when There was no parallel in history. counterparts, claimed that maternal electricity supplier product sales accounted for standard is too high will die quickly, and can keep users for three years that no value, smell the horse cloud no sound, just gently ask if the Jingdong imported out all the maternal breath, when discussing the standard accounting for

and what meaning?

therefore, different from other people’s thinking is that Ma is not concerned about the proportion of sales of standard products, and adhere to the 0 ~ 3 years old baby supplies go black. In Ma’s plan, Mak purchase the biggest difference with the all competitors, not only to sell goods, but also become a real help to the healthy growth of children, this is his hand against the Jingdong and other similar weapons predators. To this end, he has embarked on the layout of O2O, investment in infant intelligent hardware, the establishment of large data laboratory, start C round of $100 million financing……

no matter how many new moves, the same is to purchase in the Mak vertical field of Sike in the end. Ma Yun said, wheat Tesco sales in the past did not burn, the first vertical platform. But to start spending this year, because of competition has changed this situation, two wheat Tesco will usher in the biggest turning point in history. Through more than and 10 years of entrepreneurial road, Ma Yun what is the originality in the vertical self B2C business philosophy? Billion state power network exclusive interview, Ma Yun also conducted a depth interview.


Mai Mai founder Ma

billion state power network


Mai Mai founder and CEO Jack Ma

does not care standard proportion of

billion state power network: the same is the mother of imported products sold to standard products, wheat Tesco, honey bud baby are desperately reduced standard products accounted for. Some entrepreneurs believe that the standard product sales accounted for more than the risk, because the standard can only play the price war, what do you think of


Ma Yun: Pan electricity supplier in the field, the subject matter is often meant to price competition, because the parameters are the same as the standard, the user just look at the price is good. From this point of view, the outside world that the standard does not make money, or that the goods are low price is justified. But the mother and child in this area are special, the mother of the three key words of shopping is safe, quality and price, the mother will not be cheap milk for each pot of $ten or twenty, let the children take the risk of security. So I think, the most critical thing is to let the mother believe that the product is safe, trust is higher than all other price factors.

take the same standard cosmetics to give an example, assuming that users only care about the price of cosmetics, then there will never be a success of the United States, because they use the Taobao

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