Buy 10 months to evaporate the scale of the first 2000 companies or first profit embarrassing

Oriental May 7th news: according to the labor daily reported that less than a year, the domestic buy site evaporated nearly 2000. Reporters learned yesterday, the latest data show that the current domestic buy site has 3269, and this figure is about 10 months ago, is 5058. The industry believes that the new trend at present is that integration has spread to the comprehensive ranking before the war.

shuffle acceleration:

gangster shot integration

Data from

group purchase group purchase navigation site 800 released at the end of March, the domestic group purchase website of a total of 3269, compared to February evaporate 357, but only 10 months ago, on the market there are 5058 group purchase website in the fight.

behind this figure, is nearly half a month, the group purchase website Madden news: time Gaopeng and F group merged; beauty network is "before leaving employees" broke out of the brush 300 million transactions; 24 coupon capital chain after the storm Zaibao fuel card fraud activities; lashou has been blasting the boss the number of large area collective resignation, 40% technical team layoffs; Wo Wo Group took over the group purchase channel; full net foreign Q2 profit; Juhuasuan internal reorganization, the replacement of CEO outsourcing group purchase Jingdong.


team founder Hu Chen told reporters that the integration has spread to the comprehensive ranking before the station, " dissolution group purchase department, to outsource the whole Wo Wo Group Tencent last year; the investment group F, Gao Peng, QQ group of independent operators, the effect is not ideal, finally to sell several big integration."

two camps:

first profitable PK scale

it is understood that the group buying site from the beginning of last year out of the road of development of two different, some sites continue to hold high the scale of hard work, some sites are steadily seeking profit.

full network in October last year announced to shut down some profitable site, puts forward the operating profit for the purpose of fine ideas. Its CEO Feng Xiaohai in February this year to all employees of the internal e-mail was exposed, the letter mentioned to strive to become the first group to buy the industry to achieve profitability in the country to buy the site, and revealed the development of robust expansion ideas.

tick group is another profitable route go the top ten group purchase website, CEO Song Zhongjie said the next development trend of group purchase website in March, said the "group purchase into benefits", and also predicted the tick group may be profitable in June and July.

Wo Wo Group

is a hundred-percent scale of followers. In the Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong within 1 years of IPO under the guidance of the company goal, tens of millions of dollars spent, Wo Wo Group quickly from the second tier to the group purchase size of the top three positions, but trading volume soared billions of dollars, the user base did not give Wo Wo Group bring real benefits, according to micro-blog Wo Wo Group PPT roadshow exposure data, 2011 9>

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