Share two hours to spend the day to earn a profit of thirty

believe that every one of the people living in the city will see this scene: people who live in the area, the corridor of small ads everywhere and domestic related. These cities, psoriasis repeated, people are very headache. Why is it so annoying things every time will be cleared as springing out of it, I think the main reason is because the residents need these advertising service.

there is a demand on the market, there is money on the market. So when the communication bridge between advertisers and customers is cut, the webmaster can help.

not long ago, in order to beautify the city image, here we made a small advertising campaign to clean up the great in strength and impetus. And some departments also made provisions specifically those found posters, together with advertisers with heavy penalties. It worked, the introduction of a high streets and back lanes will never see numerous advertisements. At the beginning of many people applauded, that their living environment has been improved. But later people have found these ads on their own or very helpful, for example, some people in the toilet is blocked, but they did not repair; some people put the keys in the house, you need to unlock the professional personnel; and the need for liquefied gas, clean glass and so on. But after these thorny problems, people can not quickly contact the domestic companies, and for those who do domestic business, can not find a client is lost his job.

since both of the two need to communicate the bridge, why don’t I build a do? Do it, so I spent two hours to build a very simple website. Home page is reserved for advertising, while the establishment of a subdirectory and install the blog program in order to optimize keywords. Because I just put the theme of the positioning of the small city, coupled with some of the high weight of the site to do the chain, the results only one day Baidu included side by side to the first. Then there was a call from the housekeeping company to cooperate with me.

and most of the sites to make money by renting advertising is different, my approach is free to help them hang advertising, only the company received a business and received the money I was able to extract the appropriate commission. This way is very popular, although there is a single commission only a few dollars, but I was very happy. Because this two hours to set up the site I do not need to maintain, is a bed can make money machine. I used to write a lot of websites in my website to make money, but many projects are required to accumulate a certain period of time to see the effect. And this station took less than a week to start automatically get a stable income, the feeling is really cool ah.

chat with a lot of webmaster, I always hear some people complain about not making money, can not get traffic. So I suggest you can look at my case and ideas, a huge amount of traffic does not necessarily bring huge profits. My home station every day only a dozen IP, but a IP average value is a few yuan more. Want to find the key to open the wealth on the network, the key to see if you have to change their ideas, with a new perspective to find opportunities. Once you >

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