Jingdong express open access to the outside world new financing to improve logistics construction

has just disclosed the news of $400 million after financing, the reporter learned exclusively yesterday, Jingdong mall brewing for a long time Jingdong express is also about to debut. In the future, its platform sellers and social sellers are likely to become Jingdong express customers. Previously, this new round of financing Jingdong mall will also be used to improve the logistics construction.

According to the Jingdong

mall insiders, brewing for a long time to open platform business to express Jingdong Jingdong mall. 5 months ago, Jingdong CEO mall Liu Qiangdong said "Jingdong express the fastest officially open" at the end of August, but since then the project and no specific information disclosed. The industry believes that Jingdong mall to get $400 million financing to help Jingdong express surfaced. Jingdong mall self logistics system after years of grinding, has a certain scale. According to reports, this year’s double 11 period, Jingdong mall ushered in the peak sales in 11, only in the past 4 days to resolve the "double" the formation of a large number of orders, and returned to the normal level of distribution yesterday.

industry experts believe that the Jingdong mall open logistics platform is to represent the general trend, the Jingdong mall will be a large sum of money into the field of logistics, in addition to enhance their service quality, also need to gradually recover the cost. Jingdong mall open logistics platform will bring value-added effect to the company in addition to the overall, the day after the listing of the road is favorable.

in addition, the Jingdong mall also announced this month 10 days -12 day turnover of over 2 billion 500 million yuan, more than 6· 18 anniversary increased about 150%.