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"love may not really be an endless struggle, just burn the ashes of time, become a fate of discrete." After the youth release, let every one to let people remember the end of youth have moved and true to yourself, but in a lot of people in the youth seem to flow to the same period……

pressure against the reality of the wild and intractable soul, once on the vision and confusion in the future as time goes numb, eager for love also gradually accustomed to hide in their inner corner…… One day, when you look back, found that the memory has been blurred, and then take what to commemorate, to miss, we will eventually lost youth.

yes, this time seven years ago, his hands still only holds a college diploma, seems a less than 20 years old teenager; now, as white-collar workers or managers you may have two weeks will usher in a thirty year old birthday, in the passage of youth we have too much sad, too much confusion and helplessness, too much confusion and don’t understand; only know sweet and pain to appreciate the time to bring passive neglect should be a perfect ending for youth.

burning the ashes of time, time is always so cruel. In fear of becoming the kind of person you hate at the same time, so you still bear any time playing? Are you prepared for the future, for the youth to honor their commitments? Whether to understand the time management or whether to realize the time management of life

important?What is the

enterprise, the enterprise is a group of people with the youth of the. For enterprises, the success of the fundamental is the ability to help employees to create the greatest value of youth. When we do not know how to manage time, a group of people’s youth will be no cost to fly. The success of the enterprise is closely related to the time management ability of all employees, the most important problem is the efficiency of enterprise management, effective management of employees to improve the skills of time management is to enhance the productivity of the whole enterprise.

to the perfect outcome of youth, to become a winner in life and career. Aidisi "treasuring time – time management and Outlook cheats" is the knowledge workers features exclusive development of time management course, he learned at least 10 of the world’s top 500 enterprises and the top 20 national financial, VCPE successful, 18 big industry as Internet business figures of the time management skills and the life philosophy. To tell you the true meaning of time management skills and the most practical, help you restore justice and lead the voyage.

talked about the development process of the training course, Aidisi founder Mr. Li Qijun said: "we will develop such courses, is lost in the growth process, melancholy experience based on their youth has been expected to have a life mentor can help you avoid detours, but not everyone have the opportunity to encounter such a man. Now we are moving towards the middle ages, when we see what we are going to pass