Cross border electricity supplier into a hot consumer retail enterprises competing layout

and a local entity to enter the cross-border retail electricity supplier. In May 14th, the reporter was informed that Grandbuy its cross-border business 100 gold jewelry building, Haizhu City, 100 new new Panyu shop three stores store experience, today officially opened, the company is still in its online store launched "100 Hui · cross-border shopping business channel, since then, Grandbuy become private line and the line platform for cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou’s largest department stores. It is reported that this is just a couple of months, Guangzhou second local real estate department stores to enter the ranks of cross-border electricity supplier, previously, the modern department store opened in the first round of cross-border electricity supplier experience store.

– Nanfang Daily reporter Ou Zhikui

cross-border purchase into the direction of transition

According to

Grandbuy CEO Huang Yongzhi introduced, the company location Grandbuy gold jewelry building, 100 new city, new Panyu store, took a fancy to third district covering Guangzhou downtown area, and convenient transportation, densely populated, realize the true meaning of the cross-border shopping "at home", thus completing the first link the cross-border electricity supplier sales.

It is reported that

, the company opened three store experience, the overall size of more than 500 square meters, at the store experience are dutiable merchandise display area and cross-border purchase display area of two regions, the proportion of goods for 8:2, goods in addition to maternal and child class, the popular daily health care, cosmetics and beauty of Korea the scene display, and imported snacks and small household appliances category such as on-line synchronization. The cross-border shopping channels in the mall, imported goods covering Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Australia and Southeast Asia and other places, across 5 continents, nearly 30 countries, the number of single product nearly ten thousand. According to Huang Yongzhi said, the next 2-3 years, more than and 20 stores 100 flag, will gradually spread out across the cross-border electricity supplier · 100 Hui; cross-border shopping line store experience.


was not the first cross-border electricity providers to enter the retail entity. "51", Guangdong local retail enterprise mopark has been the first to drink first taste of the soup". The headquarters will set foot in cross-border electricity market in Shenzhen Huarun million, the company is in the middle of this month signed a cooperation agreement with China Merchants international. Recently, Huarun 10000 responsible person revealed to the media, Huarun group and China Merchants two central enterprises will promote the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong trade facilitation services, and will quickly get through Shenzhen cross-border electricity sales channels.

cross-border electricity supplier has become one of the important direction of many retail business transformation. Insiders pointed out that in the physical retail market slowdown, shrinking environment, O2O model will be the only way for future transformation, while the development of cross-border electricity supplier market as one of the direction of the transformation of physical retail.

industry believes that cross-border electricity supplier for many retail businesses to enter, because the overseas purchase "has become the most hot consumer market hot, the reporter was informed that the" 51 ", the cross-border electricity supplier mopark store experience, the 3 day sales of more than 350 thousand yuan; Guangzhou Nansha cross-border direct purchase of goods goods experience center, many times >