Appliances into electricity supplier 51 game focus on the promotion of the line does not lose heat O

51 golden week approaching, the major electricity supplier platform will focus on home appliances, set off promotional activities. In addition to issuing vouchers, full cut and other low-cost strategy, this year, the major electricity supplier will focus to fight, fight on logistics customer service. In addition to the electricity supplier, this year’s "51" line entity store is also actively promoting, and even more than some of the category of promotional merchandise online. However, there are still consumers, promotional activities, commodity prices still exist after the first rise and fall phenomenon. Compared to the previous promotional activities, in addition to commodity prices rose after the fall, the promotion category focused appliances, many consumers seem calm lot.

electricity supplier by home appliance game 51 file: fight price fight logistics

118 liters double door refrigerator 799 yuan, 5555 yuan, iPhone6 Plus to grab a limited market price of 2699 yuan and below the 1.5 horse inverter air conditioner price 1899 yuan – "51" comes, the major domestic electricity supplier has long been eager for a fight, focusing on home appliances category, set off a new round of promotional war. Jingdong announced the investment of 250 million yuan, the issuance of hundreds of billions of coupons in the May Day set off a 51 appliance storm promotion. The promotional period for April 20th to May 10th, known as the intensity of last year’s double eleven".

Suning through the public comment, the U.S. group platform, synchronous broadcasting shopping coupons, is also associated with the five major domestic TV brands, launched a double price guarantee, appliance package bonus gifts and other activities, to create a discount promotions, 4K TV market force. The United States and the United States online is an early cry of the peak in the United States, the country’s slogan, the issuance of 2 billion cash coupons, can be used in the eight categories, while making a low-cost protection on your commitment to pay the promise of 300.

in recent years, during the holidays, the electronic business platform will be an occasion to promotion. However, compared to the previous single price war, this year, the domestic electricity supplier promotion will focus on the transfer of services and logistics. During the May Day, Jingdong always adhere to the 211 rapid up, one day the way to send two. Gome online directly to launch the "timing" three day delivery service, directly challenge the Jingdong logistics. In addition, the United States online open online and offline, the joint line of the 1688 stores, so that the transfer of goods from local stores.

in logistics and service, Suning stores carried out to the center of the "positional warfare", more than 2000 customer service providing service 24 hours a day, 153 city consumers in the purchase of computer, TV and other household appliances, can enjoy free sent home within 2 hours of rapid up service. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities to achieve small items up to half a day.

line to line pin to promote price furniture manufacturers to actively join the


with the continuous expansion of the scale of the electricity supplier, the traditional physical stores have been no small impact. The "51" prime time coming, the next line store to actively carry out promotional activities. Beijing IT channel noted that the United States, GREE, Haier and other traditional home appliance brands, as well as large and medium appliances and other stores have set off promotional activities. Air conditioning, home appliances