Ma and Liu Qiangdong why do they look cold chain logistics

text / Liang Zhongrong


is online shopping community service SF’s, which is a very important function is to complete the laying of electricity "last mile" function, and the formation and development of cold chain logistics system sf. "With the SF cold chain logistics opening, when partners demand increased, the cold chain logistics layout will also speed up the future, the four line of the city will also consider sinking." SF preferred CEO Li Dongqi said that this year the cold chain logistics development speed and the development of fresh electricity supplier.

in the past year, in addition to SF, other bigwigs have to enter the fresh industry, including Ma Yun, Shen Guojun, Guo Guangchang, Liu Qiangdong etc.. Agricultural business analyst at Simba believes that the next five years, fresh electricity will continue rapid growth. Fresh electricity supplier development will drive the development of cold chain logistics.

electricity supplier under the egg

in fresh areas, the SF logistics started is the successor, the Internet giants to carve up the site already here.

Rookie network platform

Ma teamed together to create the domestic top tycoons recently announced plans to put on the cold chain distribution business expanded to Beijing, Guangzhou area in July, and through the inter city transport route to form a closed loop, cold chain distribution to realize the central city area.

rookie network platform business Fresh Agricultural Department of senior manager He Jianhui said that the current rookie cold chain platform has been carried out in ten cities in East China Daily business. 2014, will gradually achieve the core city of cold chain day.

last month, Amazon announced a $20 million investment in regional fresh online shopping platform "delicious Shanghai 77", this is the Amazon into China after the first strategic investment, the previous ten years, has been focusing on supply chain management Chinese rarely use Amazon to expand investment and acquisition means.

in April this year, Liu Qiangdong and Chinese Jingdong’s largest marine food companies Zhangzidao O2O is also planning to expand the depth of vertical supply chain integration in fresh field.

electricity supplier to become the main driving force for the development of cold chain. 2013 electricity supplier who is known as the first year of electricity supplier, user growth and logistics construction is synchronized, the greater the order, the higher the demand for basic services.

benefit from the development of the Internet, the cold chain logistics industry to show the characteristics of the rapid development of the past, cold storage investment to return to the rising channel.

data show that last year, the domestic cold storage volume of 26 million tons, an increase of 36%. Among them, SF preferred sales in 2013 400 million, fresh commodities sales growth of 536% compared with 2012; the number of Jingdong open platform fresh channels settled more than 300 businesses, sales year-on-year growth of more than 5 times; in 2014 1 store sales rose 151% last year special purchases for the Spring Festival.

analysts expect that in 2014 the cold chain logistics industry to maintain 20%>