Electricity supplier giants invariably aimed at the rural market

today is the lunar new year, as they go, zouqingfangyou pay New Year’s call the footsteps approaching, with the season slowly once a year special purchases for the Spring Festival near the end.

The traditional

market has special purchases for the Spring Festival online, but with 80, 90 has gradually become the main force of the consumer, the major electricity supplier group invariably played a "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", the advertisement with every corner of the subway, bus, video website. However, unlike in the past, this year, suning.com and other Jingdong, including Ali electricity supplier giants have to try to force in the rural market.

Ali: uplink + downstream

as the first action of the electricity supplier, Ali in January 17th the Laba Festival opening day special purchases for the Spring Festival characteristics of agricultural products, the main around. Specifically, it is divided into uplink and downlink two lines:

the good product sold in rural areas called "downstream", during the whole Ali Taobao covered rural special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, the country’s more than and 20 provinces, through the rural order Taobao ranked the top five followed by Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang province five. The more than 10 thousand villages in the country, the highest amount of the purchase of the villagers in the top five commodities in the high concentration of liquor is the four. Accordingly, the agricultural products sold to the city known as the "upstream" day, Laba an opening, the ancient village of Changan Guangxi Brown old revolutionary base in Baise, a Taobao store in half a day to sell thousands of copies. The warm-up phase, Yanan Luochuan Apple inventory 150 thousand pounds less than half a day is gone.

in fact, as early as 2014 Ma will be rural and globalization on the same height, as one of the three core strategies ali. At that time the plan is to invest 10 billion yuan in three to five years, the establishment of the 1000 county-level service centers and the village level service stations 100 thousand. In addition, the "rural Taobao" has independent domain name and APP, by the ants provide payment services Wangnong loan service, while rookie logistics began to try to solve the rural logistics problems.

Ma Yun pointed out at the end of the day special purchases for the Spring Festival launch: Double eleven is Internet users, is the farmers special purchases for the Spring Festival festival. Hope that through the means of the Internet, so that the land has become a real source of wealth for farmers. Let the farmers get rich, solve the problem of life of eight hundred million farmers, to solve their problems of affluence. However, the electricity supplier to allow farmers to get rich road is still very long."

Jingdong: APP +

folks are not closing

look at the old rival Jingdong side, vice president of Jingdong group, Xiong Qingyun, general manager of Jingdong marketing center, said in an interview with the media group, the countryside has an industrial product to the countryside there are agricultural uplink. During the Spring Festival will be the first launch of the rural market for folks to APP, intended to help rural consumers more convenient to buy quality, low price and they can also publish special purchases for the Spring Festival, quality of local agricultural goods, with the help of the Jingdong platform will sell agricultural products to the whole world, China.

at the same time, by virtue of