Do SEO have to say Baidu eleven bit algorithm

we can not know the Baidu website optimization algorithm. Although there are a lot of SEO says that Baidu will not affect the algorithm completely website ranking, but I feel as entering the industry novice, Baidu algorithm is a pointer to the website keywords ranking. This year, Baidu update frequency algorithm is more frequent, the author Dennis before summary, website optimization and today to share the Dennis Wise remark of an experienced person is the bottleneck problem encountered in this month on the keyword optimization, About Baidu algorithm eleven.

Baidu eleven refers to the Baidu index is relatively large keywords site in a period of time, Baidu ranked in the Eleventh place. The author is precisely the problem encountered, the hands of a web site since the end of March 12 or so after the move to the 11 place, has been stagnant. Regardless of the news or the weight of the link exchange, and even the short duration of the server did not change the location of keywords. And this is precisely the author of the brain surfaced, will not enter the Baidu eleven to come!

I think

is not SEO master, but for the website optimization is still a little experience, although the Baidu eleven had heard, but it has not been so personally on the scene. ". Have to say, the bottleneck of the hand to make straight scratching, brains, on the other hand straight is excited, finally coming to participate in Baidu eleven, this will be a test of straight.

industry through the summary of the great God who, I understand that the Baidu eleven is to avoid some SEOer through technical certification to make the site to get good rankings, but their user search experience reach, affecting the normal search of network users, and now against the search engine based on user experience oriented concept. Thus Baidu through human intervention to deal with part of the flow is high, ranking and not in line with the user experience site keywords ranking. Human intervention in the eleven Baidu is a disguised form of warning, specifically to tell the webmaster site there are drawbacks, but because the technology is in line with Baidu technical standards will not be K station.

from here, through the further diagnosis of the site, the author found that eleven of the website keywords and the true meaning of the Baidu eleven is different. However, due to the current can not be sentenced to read the site rankings of the reasons, the author of the previous generation of solutions to the first solution.

first, write high-quality original articles.

The content of

station is one of the factors that influence the quality of web site. Add high quality original articles can increase website weight, in order to get Baidu to break the pro gaze, is not conducive to the user search experience phenomenon.

second, manufacturing quality chain.

the effectiveness of the chain is much less than before, but the high quality of the chain, especially the content of the site will be linked to the key words of the role of consolidation rankings. There are some normal outside the chain, each day can be an appropriate increase of about 20, but will be >

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