Breakthrough 100 thousand PV set the hardships of the year as one of the 3

from last June, I made a "I and my website, adhere to is the truth" to now, my local portal finally broke through 100 thousand PV.

from the personal site to the local portal, along the way, I believe that there are a lot of people who have been in the writing of the content before, I still want to thank those who often help me, the so-called man to have the principle. This is my principle!

with my last published which dirty text up, PV8 million or so, independent visitors around 15 thousand, independent IP:1500 to now PV10 million, more than 20 thousand independent visitors, independent about. Meet a lot of problems to solve in the future, do not feel really hard, you want to do can do. In addition to adhere to a certain skill.

website development and growth, what can I do? In addition to selling advertising, but also what to sell, I am now considering a problem, the site’s advertising sold out what can be sold!


website will continue to develop, has now not all limited in content, all I am ready in an optimizing website content, deepen, strengthen, and fine development ideas, my site’s profit, can now have a way of thinking.

in the next, I hope to do local portal friends to exchange. Let us discuss the next step of development.

by the way:

ASP.NET programmer a $80 thousand contract, the specific requirements are not limited! Work place, Guizhou city of Liupanshui, but the bag eats


contact QQ, 562869

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