How to start from the 0 nternet marketing business

where the user, we have to do marketing. The impact of the Internet on traditional enterprises has affected everyone’s income, more and more companies have to get involved in the Internet, more and more individuals began to play the internet. Enterprises do not play on the Internet is waiting for death has become a consensus, but we don’t want to die, to live is the way.

enterprises want to play Internet marketing, reason, wrote in front of the enterprise network marketing effect not written in the enterprise network marketing how to recruit talent, now want to talk about is the guardian of Kun yuan enterprise Internet marketing started to play where the topic.

Internet marketing in the end should start from where to play, we only see competitors in the play, we see others play fast, their own business should be how to play? Do not know where to start. It doesn’t matter if we look down.


Internet is a big platform, we want to play online marketing should solve two problems: know and trust.

how to let the user know us? This is the first step of enterprise network marketing play, after all, for their own businesses, so long time precipitation online, the brand has been popular, have their own voice in the industry. But on the Internet, our brand is basically 0. So let the user know that we are the first step.

let users know that our best way is Baidu right, because users like to search information through Baidu. So guard Yuan Kun is recommended to play SEO optimization. And play SEO optimization will involve a few questions: 1, to establish their own official website. 2, open Sina blog. 3, do a Baidu know platform. 4, play an industry website, such as B2B platform. 5, you can go to the local web site, local forum to release some information. 6, video sites can upload information.

of course, a lot of companies say these platforms to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, we do not have such a big investment can play right now, for such a problem, or a good solution. It doesn’t need to be done at the same time, just one point. For example, some news sources to do early, so that their business information on the Internet in the first place, and then slowly slowly overcome the platform.

how to make the user trust us to trust the problem to be implemented in the final QQ, micro-blog, WeChat and other social tools, continuous communication, trust slowly produced. So for the enterprise, the guardian of Yuan Kun is recommended to play from the social tools, of course, for the enterprise is the micro-blog and WeChat. So companies want to play network marketing can start from these two platforms, the first to play a sense of network.

enterprises in the end how to play online marketing, many bosses have heard a lot of training, the last is to listen to the chaos. Mainly a lot of training can not fall, and the most effective way is to play. The article also mentioned this problem, for many enterprises just OCS.

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