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After the establishment of

enterprise website, not just here, such as customers, if you just to enhance the corporate image, if you do not lack orders, if you too many orders, then please do not look at this article. After the establishment of enterprise website, we now need to be able to bring us a lot of benefits and convenience of e-commerce era. Take me to do business website and network marketing in recent years, a lot of big city trading company, sales company, has stopped in the era of human flesh business, began to take the convenience of e-commerce. Shanghai, Beijing, a number of trading companies directly use the network, the use of Alibaba, using a variety of B2B platform to sell their products, and customer networks, telephone, exchange. So that we can talk about a sum of business, but also to save us a lot of unnecessary energy and costs. Improved work efficiency.

here I want to be the first marketing model, blog marketing. This blog is very popular, as we all know, enterprises have begun to build their own blog from a simple blog website, can be convenient for users to know the latest information of the enterprise, of course, is just like the news as before. However, some of the limitations of the news has been unable to meet our eye effect, and we need more visual impact, etc.. The blog is not only to establish their own blog in their own domain name space, we can go to some big station, gateway to establish their own races blog, to open their own company’s products blog, can enhance their image and product develop channels with larger platform.

after I read this article, if you do not take the initiative to do business, there is no more blog, open more convenient way, please take the time to do, and do not wait.

because the opportunity is for the hard work.

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