Network is not in the name of the network marketing development

people seem to be too demanding on Internet marketing. Why do you say that? Do we never heard of "network marketing will set off a new wave of marketing revolution" or "network marketing will go beyond the traditional marketing channel" rich impact of the title? In fact, we have read too much about network marketing advantages of this, but we found the voice of doubt was as strong as praise. In addition to Sina, Sohu and other portals and a few such as "and", "PCPOP", "17173" in the industry leading vertical portal can be through the web site advertising and marketing revenues, there are more than 80% of the outstanding China website is plagued with advertising profits. They are distressed at the same time, in fact, their own website has been hanging Google, Baidu or Ali mother and other advertising alliance to provide advertising.

      faced with the current situation of being wasted and unsaturated, we have to admit that the network marketing resources are being ruthlessly wasted. This phenomenon is caused by many reasons, such as the high price of the portal site accounted for the majority of the budget of the enterprise, such as the cost of advertising alliance is too low, inadvertently belittle the actual value of advertising to join the site. And the key lies in two points: first, the advertisers do not understand the actual value of the network marketing, they are always confused in terms of whether to get targeted results. Can be said that the interaction was one of the advantages of network marketing, but because advertisers need too much emphasis on the interaction are more specific in return, but the "interaction" has become one of the reasons for restricting the development of network marketing at present.

            the face of the Internet, people often ask the monitoring data of network marketing is how to achieve? How to really understand a website traffic is valid? How can know who read the site can pay attention to enterprise advertising but we can not? Ask those people, if you put an advertisement on TV to know people at that time will not turn the channel? Or those with less than 10 minutes you’ll miss the plane there are a few people to look up at the show on both sides of the outdoor advertising? The answer is vague. Another reason to influence the development of network marketing, is also derived from the network advantages: make a video advertising, companies often spend a lot of money, making outdoor billboards, a lot of the same enterprise cost. For an enterprise, since you have spent a lot of money made advertising, why not spend more money out? The advantages of online advertising is that the production cost is relatively low, but low cost often will give advertisers a habit of thinking, namely, its cost is not spread will be too high. Of course, today we have seen many car brands in the sales, will give a new construction of an exclusive product interactive display on the website, this cost increase also let them put in more daring, received in return has surpassed the traditional elaborate advertising channels.


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