Marketing copywriting has a hair first or resource


always see a lot of people to discuss the value of any copy, as if a lot of people like to write articles to comment on how a company should deal with public relations. What they all have in common is that they haven’t done any of this. Then the direction of the transformation is about training and consultation, because this is not true and sales hook, or you let him sell what, then all of a sudden away. This is like a lot of marketing master theory is a set of cases, micro-blog fans are thousands, forwarding comments are zero. You say such a powerful person, why not do it yourself


so if you think they are right, anyway, don’t do it, or don’t know how to die. If the document is really useful, herbal tea are hung up on the fear of angry drink Wang Laoji ", can be sold like Wang Laoji? So, copy at a good company, such as a hammer, and slag as sales. The apple is bigger than what the big bird like copy, does not affect the rushing shipments. Of course, some people will say, you see the millet is good, good copywriting, sell well, I can only say that the biggest success millet is to pick Rice noodles from the crowd out of the goods dumping in the past, this is not called copy, this is called weft drop blow. So good copy is often pushed back the good sales, which means that it belongs to, and the location is almost a matter of fact, positioning analysis of successful case or copy how great, few people say, I’ll give you a correct position or copy, can make a fire. What a joke, a fire, why not do it yourself.

In fact, in the case of

marketing Chinese what, may indeed have some role in promoting the transformation, but rely on the grass root counter attack is dead. Once saw a group of people to discuss what kind of copy Jingdong can greatly promote the sale, I said that Tmall’s double eleven has told you that all products hit half off. You don’t really play or not play, at least we believe. As for the technical content of this sentence, how beautiful?


before some articles are also discussed. All kinds of things, such as the market is flooded with a lot of talking business, we should make a little more down to earth. In fact, you will find that the market is not the enterprise does not say people, but not to say that people in the occupied market. For example, apple 6S and wantonly swept the market sales growth of 30% over last year, but his slogan was "the only difference is different, this time everywhere", according to our copy of the standard, basic 0 copy. If you want to give him an explanation, then it can only say that the brand force than the actual expression is more important, and for the brand, the only good thing more accurate interpretation is to reduce the communication cost, again let users remember specific advantages.

a lot of copywriting why look very good. The reason is very simple, because he makes you feel a lot of marketing results tend to be more rational, the premise of economics is based on a rational person, it means doing logical, reasonable, can be analyzed.

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