The promotion of the word in the dictionary how to tear from marketing promotion



business because this sort of thing, a lot of people to construct their own knowledge system. In the dictionary, there are more and more new words such as UV, CPC, SKU and so on. Some people simply suddenly puzzled, so much information on the hard drive than the so-called Indoorsman customers.

with the electricity supplier brand mentioned, in many of the words, promotion, the word seems to be old, like the 3G card into the Motorola V998.

promotion or marketing, or what the word is just a symbol, millet began this guy is to us, because to solve other problems, we must first solve the problem of consciousness.

marketing is hard to say things like "I Ching", how to say, how to say and summarize.

borrow a piece to make an analogy:

a pretty girl was walking down the street when a man came out of the street. Naked arm, showing a pack with A4 paper in the mantra: I have arms and legs, with every detail vividly described, and some others I have, you would be foolish not to marry me — this is to sell X.

a pretty girl was walking down the street when a man came out. B holding roses, knelt down and took out a diamond ring, mouth said: pro, my house, car, tickets for all of you, you gave me the whole list, Lao Tzu, also shipping Oh! – this is the promotion.

this is the two most common, do not.

naked arm, showing a pack, regardless of any media environment, product attributes, the audience aesthetic, only for color;

took the A4 paper in the off – no primary and secondary expression redundant content;

I have arms and legs, nose and eyes, others I have – no differentiation, lack of core strengths;

don’t you marry me is stupid X, there is no sense of service, quick;

holding roses, knelt down and pulled out diamond ring – pattern, process, lack of creativity;

my house, cars, tickets are all of you — not the cheapest, only cheaper;

your Lao Tzu, list to me, but also the package Oh – service commitments, can not cash again.

Where is the difference between

promotion and marketing? Use the same armor and B for example:


on your doorstep pick the cheap media, put the A4 paper content on all play in the media advertising – this is the promotion, let promote wider coverage.

B also use the same props, the first master of the time of access, to find a few actresses, in front of the girl

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