Profit planning of classified information website

classified information website has a lot of, like, Kijiji Ganji, also like 163, QQ portals have classified information area, so does that mean that new entrants have no future? Of course not!

the first choice of city size should be moderate, to avoid the edge. Like Beijing, Shanghai this large city website promotion more trouble, but this kind of website might already exist, so we don’t need to contend with. The city of choice should be a city of medium size or a larger scale of county and district. Such a moderate size of the city, there is a certain amount of users, but not particularly large, easy to promote.

followed by the choice of small and medium-sized cities because of the existing national classification information website has not been able to collect such information in the city and in the region to promote.

third information content. Information must follow a practical reason. Users who are really interested in this area are really helpful to their lives, while the main user groups should be.

fourth specific channels: like second-hand transactions, real estate transactions, logistics, recruitment jobs, making friends and so are the accumulation of popular content. Like the author is living in a small city in Northern Jiangsu, a local site on the secondary trading, logistics, recruitment job content every day there are one hundred or two hundred.

followed by local business information. Launched in the early stages of the site, you can be selected by the local streets, functions, such as multiple classification, free included in the site. Specifically, for example, you can all the shops, businesses will be on Jiefang Road free to enter, a restaurant and free your road users can also query according to the "food" as the key word, a word is to help users find information. The amount of work in advance a little big, but the city is not particularly big to do it is not particularly difficult, and in the early collection can only be included in the main store. Collection of shops can be integrated shopping malls, stores, KTV, bars, etc..

fifth promotion: in the early preparations, can focus on making a batch of leaflets (paintings, books), free hanging or payment in the business, at the same time can be carried out in urban distribution on the main road (which is possible in the small and medium-sized city), also can organize some interactive activities to accumulate popularity.

sixth content: the content here is not referring to the initial content, but refers to the site after the update. Have a certain reputation, like second-hand, logistics, job recruitment, making this kind of information users will take the initiative to publish, then like a number of shopping malls, large store shops they will generally be responsible for online publicity, allowing them to release free. If the shopping malls in the region can not be done, then you can sign an agreement with them, free of charge to help them update information.

at the same time, according to the size of the city, you can consider the information about 2-5 or so, so that they according to the region every day to see if there is the latest in the region

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