Server virtualization will be the future development trend

Microsoft has been upgrading its version of the product, and keep updating speed, let the customer enjoy the latest version of Microsoft products in the shortest time, the Microsoft said, server virtualization will be the future development trend.

Microsoft virtualization technology is being updated, and to business users, in the enterprise environment, to the enterprise customers to introduce more flexible virtualization technology services products.

according to market research, 28% of companies are planning to implement server virtualization in the next 6 months, and the company plans to deploy server virtualization next year by 42%. Server virtualization has been able to continue to occupy the center of the market stage, the most attractive is that it has a broad impact on the IT and the technology industry.

Microsoft virtualization senior executives revealed that now companies are taking various measures to strengthen the competitiveness of their IT, so that its virtualization as the cornerstone of competition. In addition, Microsoft said, recognizing the importance of virtualization technology for the enterprise, and strive to improve product support, a wide range of solutions to solve IT programs to help customers achieve cutting-edge virtualization technology to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

in September 1, 2008, customers can enjoy 41 Microsoft server applications on the same server, of course, without any restrictions.

Microsoft said, from which 41 will be removed as part of the Server2007ServicePack1Standard, Microsoft will replace SQLServer2008Enterprise, MicrosoftOfficeSharePointServer2007, and Microsoft operating system, will make some adjustments, before September 1st, Microsoft customers must abide by all provisions prior to the transfer between servers can be achieved on the same machine.

Microsoft relevant responsible person said, they are deploying virtual technology integration, increase the flexibility of the system, improve the use efficiency, Microsoft will use the server virtualization to accelerate the deployment of WindowsServer2008 promotion organization. Microsoft said that the updated virtualization technology, will help customers enjoy the integration of virtual technology, for business users, will enhance its competitiveness.

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