The world’s largest black market network services can provide incitement to the poor


"Silk Road" website screenshot.

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Silk Road

"Silk Road"

is currently known as the world’s largest black market trading network. This site to imitate the Amazon and eBay model, with buyers and sellers mutual evaluation mechanism, user forums and dispute resolution mechanism. In addition to the illegal drugs, as well as the sale of fake passports, fake license and other documents, and provide illegal services, such as incitement, fraud and hackers.

"Silk Road", an American known as the "guests first" black market network, all kinds of illegal goods and services can be bought here, goods not board can give bad review, you can find customer service dispute…… By Ross · Ubu Leigh F in early 2011; founder of the "Silk Road" in just two years time will have nearly 1 million customers up to $1 billion 200 million in sales. However, the Internet market can not be allowed to go down, recently, Ubu Leigh F was convicted of setting up seven illegal drug market, or face life imprisonment.


drug messages appear frequently, the Department of homeland security at the "Silk Road"

Jared · de – Ye Ji Sunhy, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent, in January 14th this year, Manhattan federal court to testify "Silk Road". Jared said, June 2011, law enforcement officers in Chicago Airport intercepted a number of messages sent from Holland, found contraband in ecstasy. "Possession of drugs in the more than and 20 envelope, which is intercepted within a day. For a long time, there have been no such incidents. But since 2011, drug messages began to appear frequently."

Investigation on these "poisonous mail" of

, pointing to a black market website – "Silk Road", its founder pseudonym terrorist pirate Roberts".


know the illegal drug trade website, hallucinogens, stimulants and other contraband, but the "Silk Road" with "deep web" technology (search engine can’t find the website and database allows users to anonymously, at the same time, trading activities) using virtual currency, bitcoin settlement, law enforcement officers to detect contraband sellers true identity.

to find out the terrorist pirate Roberts, at the same time to master the evidence of a crime, only to outsmart. Thus, a more than two years of fishing action began.

Jared and the detectives first confirmed "posing as buyers evidence of the Silk Road". In July 2013, Jared successfully got the "cirrus" administrator account. "I have administrative privileges," Jared explained to the jury. "I can search the user database to edit, delete, and move posts on the forums." These permissions are "terrorist pirate Roberts" delegated to the administrator, but there are still some privileges only open to him.

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