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1 consumption in the sun: Online 315, Chinese consumers "cheated" report  

last night, CCTV 315 evening broadcast, including auto 4S shop "ailment overhaul", telephone fraud, free WiFi steal user information related to the rights and interests of consumers one by one exposure. At the same time at the party, "Penguin" cool exclusive release "online 315· national survey, for the majority of Internet users Chinese, sampling and analysis of fake and fraud through more direct way, finally completed the" 315: Chinese online netizen "cheated" report ".

A total of 109871 users participated in the

survey, covering more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). From the first tier cities to the villages in the county, we heard voices from all over the place.

2.P2P platform letter asset survey: Gong run away escaped 8 million wave and 100  

March 15th, the "First Financial Daily" reported that the P2P platform of Shanghai Gong letter Asset Management Co (hereinafter referred to as "Gong Xin asset") run away incident, the incident is under further fermentation in today.

Our correspondent

linked to investors and asset internal staff said Christine, in March 11th were reported, at present, the police investigation, and said it would further search for relevant information about the event. As of press time, the reporter has not yet received the latest developments from the police.


reporter in-depth investigation learned that the relationship between asset managers and the actual compliment letter of legal representative of husband and wife, and the legal representative of the company at the same time as the subsidiary of Shanghai investment Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Yu investment information management) the person in charge of finance.

3..Com domain name has been 30 years old, began in 1985  

March 15th March 15, 1985, exactly 30 years ago today, a computer, a Massachusetts company registered the world’s first.Com domain name:,.Com era officially began, and has changed everything.

domain name vendors VeriSign said: "in the past 30 years, the Internet from only a few academic and scientific researchers to use a global exchange, trade and information sharing channels, no one can imagine life without network. In fact, now there are 3 billion people online every day, the world has more than $1 trillion and 300 billion of e-commerce sales rely on the internet."

4 thunder bird officially released: broadband free speed  

remember that we reported before the thunder Internet Accelerator it now renamed the thunder fast bird, and launched the official version.

the accelerator is thunder and

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