Adsense network broadcast the world’s largest trading platform MtGox closed hit bitcoin

1 of the world’s largest trading platform bitcoin users hit MtGox off lost confidence in

, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox suddenly unable to visit on Tuesday, the site becomes a blank, the official account is deleted.

multiple source information display, Mt.Gox has gone bankrupt, about 750 thousand bitcoin cast to the wind, the value of $375 million. In a panic, Mt.Gox website hung out a letter to the user, said MtGox is due to media reports and market reaction "temporarily closed", the team is closely watching the developments.

"this is the biggest disaster since the birth of bitcoin." A bitcoin investor said Sina Technology, as the largest and most trusted bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox bankruptcy hit the user confidence in bitcoin. The biggest platform can roll away, who can be trusted?

2 grilled steak "father of WeChat," Zhang Xiaolong design vulnerability  

Because WeChat

successful example of this, the Tencent was unanimously optimistic about the prospects, valuations have risen repeatedly, WeChat designer Zhang Xiaolong has become everyone worship leader. However, WeChat behind the scenes is not perfect — WeChat how to achieve profitability in the foreseeable future is worth thinking, its business model is not clear. Today, let us design philosophy of Zhang Xiaolong from the father of WeChat, WeChat has a peel of view did not imagine so perfect, Zhang Xiaolong find the vulnerabilities in WeChat design.

3.10 billion investment in the education industry, just YY bait bale


education industry known as pent up "/" yesterday afternoon (February 25th) finally reveal the true colors: released a spent $950 thousand to buy the independent domain name, will be announced in two segments of IELTS and TOEFL with "top teacher" as the landing point. Of course, it is also the way to inform the industry inside and outside, we will use 1 billion free + subsidy strategy to engage in online education". About YY is how to enumerate their technical superiority in the conference, online education is the topic of education how to subvert the line of such a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the media will be described in detail the manuscript, mustard Jun will not repeat them here, let us change the posture to interpret YY education gameplay and routine:

4 cool for a while, but lost the people how to rape the user

so many Internet products rape users, cool for a while, but lost people, then there is no elegant posture?

rape users, which for many Internet products are accustomed to, and even the way to survive. As an ordinary user, I have been raped by a variety of Internet products many times, but every time you see the emergence of Internet products rape users >

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