Domain name one pot at home and abroad last week dynamic domain name trading


domain Zhou Caifu story often staged a good idea for rice farmers bring good, recently have good ideas with their own grassroots minon and describe a "sell creative money" story in the domain name domain name on the market this week, also focus and investors through the trading platform, enterprise terminal domain name acquisition of domain name, the domain name at home and abroad the type of features below to see these rich domain



this week domestic concern is Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name, the domain name jumps to the Qihoo 360’s official website, domain name and Qihoo 360’s official website domain name is very similar to, the industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of domain a guess, the acquisition of the domain name domain name is to maintain brand image or otherwise Qihoo 360’s new plan?

this week also another concern, Sina reported to the full acquisition of group purchase originator Groupon Groupon, industry insiders speculated that Groupon acquisition behavior is actually a high transaction to buy domain name, domain name, domain name information has not been changed at present two, Groupon official has yet to respond, but the purchase confirmation the news has spread like wildfire in the Sina (micro-blog Groupon also want to engage in mystery, do not know "no windtight wall" in the world), look back at the Groupon to spend 980 thousand to buy low-key launch Groupon China group purchase website Groupon, on the bottom of my heart.

This week

, the overseas market betting $2 million 500 thousand transaction domain domain name, domain name trading week among the overseas list, but also has the highest price determine the domain name trading turnover domain name, domain name Australia trading in $100000 this week trading list second, while this week short domain name market is good, the domain name $90000 this week ranked third, the value of a good domain name wine, tequila and vodka domain name domain name, the two.Co domain name domain name trading this week for wine top fifteen list, in addition, this week there are four terminal acquisition domain trading case is also very popular attention.

in addition to the domestic market to occupy a major share of the digital Pinyin domain name, domain name good performance this week, in addition English domain name and other types is indispensable part of the domestic, foreign market trading is still in key words and phrases domain name, abbreviation short domain name trading in the week the price is good, the national domain performed equally well in overseas markets this week. The future will continue to "grassroots minon who write" their "domain name wealth story".

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