Speed of life and death fresh electricity supplier from the lychee wars triggered thinking


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fresh topic, May 14th, in Beijing, Shanghai, SF preferred Hangzhou near a subway station simultaneously launched lychee early adopters, inviting female consumers to taste the first year available, 24 hours of air directly to the south of the Five Ridges litchi, and last year’s war is the beginning of the end of May, which means that this year’s "litchi the war started in advance, fuse is the preferred sf.

industry view, although fresh electricity is a hot topic in recent years, but trapped in the cold chain logistics development lags behind other factors, the development speed is not so fast, is the main place of fresh stunt earned in desperately crying. In fact, fresh category is relatively large, both need into the refrigerator, through the cold chain delivery of fresh food, also includes storage area characteristics of fresh food. Fresh food is not stored on the higher speed requirements, but instead reduce freshness. The origin of the direct supply of litchi and not storage of fresh food, in addition to preservation, more need for speed, because of a means of rapid delivery of fresh is so fresh and speed is the key to the development of fresh electricity supplier.

lychee wars triggered fresh electricity supplier thinking

litchi, the industry known as a day after two days of incense, three, four, taste, color and flavor to do ", experts believe that the best eating litchi should be within 24 hours, more than 48 hours of taste will become bad, litchi has become fast transfer speed and the storage capacity of electricity distribution in the extreme test. If in the cold storage of litchi, a day at 0 degrees below, the skin will turn black, flesh will taste, so it is best not to litchi into cold storage, so as not to damage the taste.

this view, although the cold chain is particularly important for fresh electricity supplier, but only by a cold storage is difficult to reach the goal, which requires the cold chain logistics is more diversified, so how to make the litchi fruit is not the same to get into cold storage preservation, while ensuring the fastest speed to the user, is the best choice. So the traditional storage methods for special transports of fresh is not suitable, the production base of hair is the best choice, it is preferred SF is currently doing direct supply mode.

for the current fresh food, such as fruit, from the orchard to the dealer and then to the hands of buyers, through the need 5-7 days time. If the fruit from the origin without any intermediate links sent directly to the hands of customers, will greatly improve the delivery speed, the number is now fresh business enterprise, at present can do long-distance fresh food straight to the door, only the SF preferred. Direct supply for the production of quality and fast, fresh logistics from the point of view of the current situation, only with SF EXPRESS’s huge logistics network and speed advantage can be achieved.

fresh electricity supplier into the era of food supply chain management

fresh electricity supplier is difficult, it is recognized that the cold chain logistics and the last mile of the distribution problem, many people in the industry have mentioned these different solutions, in fact, a single point and

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