Mermaid 9 days of gains of 2 billion Stephen Chow taught us what marketing means

this year’s Spring Festival can really let Xiaobian surprise several times, because my favorite actor, Stephen’s masterpiece "Mermaid" once again set a new high China commercial movie!!!!

ended the morning of February 16th, the famous director Jing Wong in micro-blog "congratulations to director Stephen Chow Mermaid broke the two billion!" this is not only the "Refresh" catch demon created the 24 day record of 2 billion, will be 3 billion, 4 billion, accident to 5 billion box office mark. This is a conspicuous eye-catching number so that I can not help but sigh: Yeh "Mermaid" is a marketing handbook


marketing one: Stephen Chow brand effect


80, 90, the name of Stephen Chow not only created a miracle in the history of China film, it is with their most childhood years, remember the classic lines of "I have a sincere love in front of me, but I did not cherish, until when the loss of the world too late for regrets. The most painful thing in the world", "Johnny! You little Johnny! You don’t die! You and me together, and for so many years, you will have as for his own teaching book, think of today’s bald black man who sent…… So aside from the film itself, Stephen Chow is a product of the greatest aspect.

so we are doing the network brand marketing, if not a little popularity, even if the "Mermaid" is Stephen Chow himself in it, believe that attraction is very limited.

marketing two: slogan effect

trouble, mermaid invincible "these simple slogans spread easily throughout the whole movie, of course" Mermaid "in addition to the Stephen Chow effect, also with the slogan has been widely concerned IP.

think, "true Mermaid invincible" this slogan is not very accurate? Not only played a mermaid characteristic, is the use of "trouble" has aroused widespread concern of users. So we in the reality of brand marketing, do you have for your product or service to find a very accurate Slogan, let your target audience really pay attention to you?

marketing: Leveraging


may be a coincidence, I "Mermaid" on the front line, just hit uncle Deng Chao’s "rogue angel" released, but this movie small never seen Deng Shushu, but I’ve heard that watercress index is not very high. As a result, Deng Shushu was given a lot of support Tucao, uncle Deng fans look forward to Deng Shushu Yeh "Mermaid" in the performance of this back and forth, yeh "Mermaid" is even more concern. Of course, this is likely to happen to leveraging, after all, Deng uncle told Yeh’s acting and reputation is very good. But this leveraging marketing tool is very suitable for the enterprise marketing.

marketing four: team effect

Yeh "Mermaid" absolute success "

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