The 20 group awe poster picture set people thinking

WWF WWF poster: to stop a man is to stop them all. Stop trading chain link, there is no sale no harm.



World AIDS Day Poster: life can save lives, condoms to help you avoid aids.



calls for blood donation posters: half of the screen with the red blood on behalf of life, half of the dead white on behalf of the dead. Another person’s life is in your hands.



the last 10 years of your life, how would you like to spend it?

fishing? Or infusion?

most Canadians in the last 10 years of their lives are associated with disease.

from now on, change your future.




"I will donate to help the child now" – the child will survive.

"I’ll donate later," I’m sorry, he can’t wait that long.



shots later, no one will be the winner.



focus on left behind children posters: "every time you leave me very sad, this is the reason I commit suicide!"



global warming once, there will be a kind of biological disappear.



how long can you live? Smoking is harmful to your health!



Shanghai Dentsu

the protection of traditional culture of public poster: "demolition, no! Keep the traditional culture, keep Chinese homeland




refused to haze public poster: standing in the Bund, but nothing to see.



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