Web site promotion program how to write

website promotion is the core content of enterprise network marketing, therefore, the website promotion program writing can be said to be the key to the success of enterprise network marketing. How to write a real executable website promotion program?

I think there is a need to pay attention to the handwriting in the following points:

before writing the program must first think clearly, straighten out ideas, it is best to outline the list. To be operational, focus on practical solutions, does not need to show off Wenzao, understand the line to express. To pay attention to the basic format and layout skills, avoid basic text errors, to facilitate the circulation of discussion.

a complete website promotion program should include the following:

first: set clear goals for each stage.

1, traffic target.

2, the number of registered users.

3, the brand to reach the influence.

4, the site’s ranking, PR, etc..

only clear goal guidance can be more clearly set goals at different stages

second: target population analysis.

1, the positioning of the target population.

2, analysis of the characteristics of the target population (including interests and hobbies).

according to the goal of the consumer behavior habits and so on to develop website promotion strategies and methods.

third: understanding and analysis of competitors.

1, always grasp the trend of competitors (from technology research and development, profit strategy to advertising, etc.).

2, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of competitors (technology, marketing, promotion, etc.).

only do the enemy can be generated, and even beyond the fierce market economy.

fourth: promotion strategy and specific methods.

according to the market analysis and the results of the investigation, determine the promotion strategy, a detailed list of the website promotion methods, such as search engine login, blog marketing, email marketing, QQ group marketing, forum posting, soft propaganda, search engine promotion, event marketing, network advertising, for every kind of promotion methods and effect analysis and application specific how to do.

fifth: schedule and staffing schedule.

good plan is just a real executable plan half of success, so we need to draw a detailed schedule, control the process of implementation of the program, the promotion activities need to finish everything up, specific arrangements for personnel responsible for the implementation, to ensure the effective implementation of the program.

sixth: Budget input

each promotion program will certainly have a certain investment budget, through reasonable planning to make the limited funds to maximize the promotion effect, >

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