How traditional enterprises can successfully cut into the nternet

Waterloo suffered more and more traditional enterprises in the starting process of the Internet, and even some companies complain that the Internet flicker component is too large, can not produce the actual value, the value of the Internet is completely mistaken, and the power of imagination, then why not these traditional enterprises successfully cut the Internet it or why not to rely on the Internet to achieve the profit multiplier and the reason is that business leaders do not understand the Internet, do not understand the Internet, the more moisture to see understand Internet business owners live mostly live, while those on the Internet conflict, rejection, no clear idea of enterprise in the minds of the boss to live more pain,


Longjie Wu contacted one do KTV to the responsible person of the enterprise, to join the KTV industry is very huge, of course, investment is relatively large, there are tens of millions of play, before the franchise industry is mainly through the line of business to promote business growth, but with the popularity of the Internet, more and more friends began looking to join the project on the Internet, the network promotion effect is getting better and better, we have customers within a year to 200 stores, this KTV to the responsible person of the enterprise although also know the network promotion effect is good, but do not know how to start, but do not know what kind of promotion effect is good. The specific circumstances of the promotion methods and effect do not understand network promotion effect (although good, but inevitably some Internet companies to make money increase fudge ingredients, resulting in some enterprises on the network The company has prejudice, love and hate, etc..

in Baidu promotion sales promotion, the KTV to open the Baidu auction, 5000 yuan account fees soon exhausted, but did not see any effect, then the person in charge of the enterprise began to confusion, both want to network to promote the recruitment of professional, and want the bidding business outsourcing want to do SEO, buy promotion software, micro marketing and so on, want to do and dare not to do, for fear of being fooled, do not, the traditional promotion methods have been difficult to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise, have presumably many enterprises in the transformation of the Internet in the process like this problem.

In the

process and the responsible person of the enterprise in the conversation could feel his complaints on the Internet and discontent and their confusion, in the era of progress, social development, change is painful, a few years ago, the traditional companies are shouting to transition to the Internet, but the failure of the enterprise or enterprise live more painful too much, and now the mobile Internet era has arrived, but many enterprises still stay in place, why, why, why is the pain of failure network, flicker, just because they don’t understand the person in charge of the enterprise, the traditional enterprise wants to compare the moisture in the age of the Internet to live, the first enterprise leaders to understand their own Internet, although live someone else did, but he must understand, want to know what kind of good effect, combined with the actual situation of their own enterprises, which promote the party Suitable for their own business, do not doubt, do not hesitate.

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