A mobile site plan e commerce B2C site

1: online mobile phone market analysis:

according to the China Internet Information Center cnnic statistics, as of July 2007, the total number of Internet users has reached 162 million. Just statistics, estimates will actually be more. Online shopping has been accepted by a large number of Internet users. A lot of demand for mobile phones under the network. With the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, users with a certain level of consumption will be relatively increased. In fact, the mobile site, will be displayed in the mobile phone store products online. There are relatively many consumer groups online. Especially the fashion of young people, their chances in the online purchase is relatively large. Online mobile phone market is relatively large.

two: the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone shop

compared with traditional store sales, the biggest advantage of mobile Internet sales is that there is a strong interaction. Mobile phone website for

mobile phone shop is the consumer can not directly see, touch the phone. And the website has not formed the credibility of online, consumers may be skeptical, wait-and-see attitude to our website, if the mobile phone is not licensed to sell two mobile phone, Yicichonghao, etc.. We need to strengthen our website’s influence on the internet. Let us do the best quality and service. In fact, the best way is word-of-mouth marketing. Guide consumers to our website to shop, if they are satisfied with the whole process of the purchase of mobile phones, received by the phone. They may introduce friends to our website.

mobile phone network channel

sales channel (destination)
1, mobile phone variety (GSM phone, cnma phone, dual-mode phone).
2, mobile phone accessories.
4, mobile phone accessories, telephone, PHS
6, group purchase activities, the wholesale agent (mobile phone wholesale and agent business)

(mobile phone community to attract and retain users)

as a mobile phone sales site, the most important thing or service. The combination of varieties and services, but also allows ordinary customers feel value. First of all, we want to fill out the full range of mobile phones, new products and varieties of information should be updated in a timely manner. Need to have customer service. Answer customers’ questions in time and patiently.

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