Who set the universe money gone with the video content or

When Gao Xiaosong and his son

Oprah Winfrey column "Xiao said" is preferable to "switch" to Iqiyi, he immediately resolve said his studio will be in the next ten years "may be rooted in Iqiyi". Heard such a deep feeling of excellent advertising in addition to the "ha ha", can only sigh: money is good!

of course, Gao Xiaosong is not alone in the fight, accompanied him around is Ma Dong and Liu Chun. Three people carrying nearly thirty files homemade content items under the "push force Iqiyi studio strategy", in my opinion, similar to the online video industry OEM mode content production has been unstoppable. The video platform of Iqiyi is moving in the pace of video oligarchs stride without hesitation, leaving a "poor" in anger, I do not know what to do.

video bigwigs heart, of course, clear what the Internet video industry in 2014 mean. This is the real thing in a war, how to play what time is not important, important is: where is the money?

so, "rich" Iqiyi would be the one to guide the future of


asks the question, excellent soil LETV LETV turned to look at, look at the video Sohu, Sohu, Tencent around the video to see the video, and video Tencent with contempt in the eyes of a Sohu (back to back, then playfully standing in line waiting for the horse’s conscience……


because once the working relationship, I have a few friends from the music side, they often say Qiyi had Baidu’s godfather, "not easy". However, in my mind, they are wrong, this is what the godfather, when is not Pro Pro father ah. Baidu for Iqiyi’s cosseted nature is that the industry is well known, last year, Iqiyi and PPS knot marriage, now look at the new Logo, apparently happy couple rhythm.

if only from the father than to consider the "point of view, Iqiyi YouTube with some similar, also has a search (Google); the father is not the same, YouTube the competitive environment is far from Iqiyi now facing so fierce.

even so, Baidu to Iqiyi and money flow support, also let the peers in the same conditions over half a body, and a faster trend.

so, does this mean that Archie art in the competition in the lead, bypassing the company, do China Internet video industry like YouTube dominates? My answer is no..

If Iqiyi

now go on the road, and I even future road listed on it are not hopeful, even now fame. Before saying the reason, or to sort out the brief history of the domestic video industry.

video website impact UGC by

potato registration time earlier than Youtube, this thing a few years ago was cited as a precedent to rewrite the domestic Internet business C2C.

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