From the user to flow to the user my webmaster striking one snag after another road

      to tell the truth, I Chinese failure is a typical station in 2005, before and after many webmaster do crazy traffic, because I just set foot in the ranks of the webmaster, do not know how traffic can bring money, pay attention to the content of the original moment of abstinence, and user experience.

      when I know the importance of flow, to abandon the original station of their painstaking efforts, started to copy and copy the contents of the hot, when I stand a certain content, the state promulgated the relevant regulations on SP, Taobao and eBay are playing tired, the advertisement the alliance is dying, in such a period, that is not worth a hair while look at their own traffic, a station originally good because of the pursuit of flow to get the recognition of a wide variety. I felt very sad and pity, although it is getting a lot of traffic from the major search engines, but some of the garbage flow is not worth a hair like this.

      looking at themselves in the interests of the drive, to have a healthy child now get a see very worried, I decided to give up as a warning for the future, such a child has no future, find another new way. After a period of reflection and study, I decided to do for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a platform for exchange and learning, so I started the pre planning and preparation, business network ( is my roots and friends to meet, at the station, I will never go to the point of no the value of the flow of betray your own soul. I want to send this station made of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs venture exchange and learning network platform, to provide high-quality business services for oneself, even if only one user in use, I will work hard to meet the needs of users. At this time, I deeply feel the importance of a user to a web site, the development of the site must rely on the user, the user experience is not a good site is probably no future.

      I had to give up the flow of the user, and now because of such a move and regret it, I want to do a user station, for the user service station, supported by the user stand.

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