Do content marketing in the end what to do

one day, an old classmate asked me what I was doing. He scratched his head very ignorant then asked: what is the content marketing? I was puzzled, really bad answer, so brazen such an example for him:

sometimes you will see a very hot video in the circle of friends, about a rural university graduates to find a job in Shanghai. The helpless, the whole process is very bitter, ran a lot of companies. Because they are not familiar with the road, each time he uses Baidu maps for navigation, check car information, view the nearby accommodation, etc.. After a lot of hard work, finally found a job, then call home, cried with a bedridden mother said it all. My mom is very distressed, he asked, not in there life, know the way? He said, don’t worry mom, I use Baidu map, easy to find, your peace of mind at home to recuperate.

I told my old classmates, this is an example of content marketing. The video looks very touching, you will not feel that it is an advertisement (even if that is advertising or so, due to the "moved) moved hundreds of millions of people, has been in the circle of friends crazy turn, the video communication effect is achieved. In addition, in which a Baidu map information, the purpose of its brand exposure has reached. The whole process, the video as the content is very attractive, but also cleverly implanted brand information, content + marketing is to do so.

after listening to the old classmate, his eyes lit up and shouted, "Oh, I understand!". I smiled and silently in the heart of a curse: you know? You know a fart ah!

yes, I cite the example just to put him, but he was foolish to think very wise, and understand an industry. If you are doing content marketing, should not just stay at such a superficial level.


actually, whenever someone asks you what you are doing, what they want to hear is not what your job is, not what your industry is, but what you are doing. The above example is only a general outline of the results of the content marketing, practitioners should be more concerned about the results behind the operation of this result.

layman watching, making fun of experts. So, do content marketing in the end what to do? The following in order to sort out the general:

1, find niche market

refers to the niche market by the market of rulers / enterprises with absolute superiority to ignore certain market segments or niche market.

above is the Baidu Encyclopedia of niche market interpretation. Popular point of view, the niche market is your market, that is, when you become a site of the eldest brother, with this piece of land, you have the final say.

Why did

find a niche market? To avoid direct competition too much, lest finally and harass the people and waste money.

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