The biggest shopping rebate network was shut down suspected MLM suspected pyramid is difficult to de

, according to Xinhua news agency, Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province, the relevant sources, the country’s largest shopping rebate site, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and belongs to the "million shopping" site because of suspected crime MLM organization and leadership, the relevant departments in June 12th was closed by the police investigation, the responsible person of the enterprise control. From February 15th this year, the site about 6 million yuan a day loss, by the year May 25th has been a loss of more than $600 million.

> > website business target explosive growth

"you consumption, I return money, zero cost" shopping "free shopping era has finally come!" this is a large number of shopping rebate e-commerce website slogan. In the "sales rebate" promotion, just a short time, some shopping rebate e-commerce sites showing explosive growth.

it is understood that, headquartered in Zhejiang, Jinhua, ten thousand shopping site was founded in 2010, was just an annual turnover of 1 million 650 thousand yuan target shopping guide network of the third party. However, by 2011, the company’s annual turnover target soared to 10 billion yuan. To the end of May this year, the "million shopping" has been set up in more than 2 thousand and 600 counties nationwide agents, hypostatic union shops all over the country in more than 2 thousand and 300 counties, a total of 94 thousand franchisees, which has 1 million 820 thousand members, about 700000 are senior members of the dividends.

loss of about 6 million yuan per day

according to the provisions of the "million shopping", joined the business to consumer sales amount of 500 yuan for each product, need to pay 16% commission to "million shopping", "million shopping" commitment "every day spending10 10% to the total consumption of 500 yuan membership scores."

for consumers, "million shopping" to 500 yuan per designated 1 dividend rights, dividend rights each day up to 1 yuan rebate. If you spend 500 yuan a day may receive $1, the account can be taken after a total of 100 yuan. In theory, 500 days later, consumers will be able to recover all the spending money, eventually become zero consumption".

Jinhua Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Tao Chenghua said: this rebate mode "is the essence of people after the consumer to pay previous rebate, with business expansion, various risks become increasingly apparent". According to the data provided by relevant departments, starting from February 15th this year, the "million shopping" to each integral power daily dividend 1 yuan promotional activities every day about a loss of 6 million yuan, to May 25th, the cumulative loss of more than 600 million yuan, while the book fund only 300 million yuan.

> > members pay attention to return only Commission

in an interview with reporters found that the "million shopping" rebate mode was originally said to be a new model of electronic commerce, but in the process of development, the third party platform is MLM organizer with shopping guide.

from the beginning of July 2011, "million shopping" and "

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