Speech by Long Yongtu on regional economic development to predict the future of local websites

November 15th, had the opportunity to listen to the speech of minister Long Yongtu on China’s regional economic development. Through his economic and policy development forecast, we can see some of the future development of local websites.

, the core idea of Long Yongtu’s economic forecast

1, China’s economic development, there are two basic forces, one is industrialization, one is urbanization.

2, China’s future economic indicators will be the level of urbanization. Europe and the United States currently more than 90% of the level of urbanization, if China’s urbanization level can not reach 80%, even if the total economy is still not able to truly become an economic superpower. China will use 30-40 years to raise the level of urbanization from the current 46% to more than 82%.

3, the driving force of urbanization from economic development. In the process of urbanization, the real estate industry is still the pillar industry to promote the positive development.

4, the process of urbanization, we should properly handle the resettlement of farmers into the city, building a harmonious society.

two, Long Yongtu forecast to see the future of regional economic development

according to Long Yongtu’s prediction, we can infer the following points:

1, highly developed metropolitan areas will be the future trend of urbanization. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region will be highly urbanized areas, the population is highly concentrated, highly industrialized and urbanization, urbanization and even more than 95%.

2, the metropolitan area, the population quality of the region began to appear.

3, the real estate industry is still more than 40 years of life cycle. New business in a second tier cities gradually decline, but in the three or even the four line, the booming of the five cities.

4, urbanization to promote the rapid development of the service sector, the proportion of the economy continues to improve.

three, thus judging the development trend of local websites

local website’s main business has two characteristics, one is regionalization, and the two is customized. That is to say, the main profit industry of the local website has the characteristics of customized service. The leading industry is the real estate industry, so the city process for local sites is very important! 40 years of development in the city, the local site will usher in a huge development opportunities in the booming of value.

we can boldly imagine and predict future trends in local sites:

1, metropolitan area as a unit of large local portal. With the gradual development of the local community, mergers and acquisitions and competition will lead to the emergence of super large metropolitan areas.

2, the local vertical website will still dance with the local portal, reflecting the diversity of local sites.

Magic innovation industry business model

3, to the three or four line of the city is winning.

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