Cross border electricity supplier 2016 from the giant’s strategy can be seen

Abstract]2015 cross-border electricity supplier industry from blowout to boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable.

text / Hao Xiaoliang Hao Xiaoliang public number: (haoxl1125)

the past year in 2015 the key to the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry. The entire market from the blowout to high-speed growth, and then to the boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable. Tmall international, Jingdong, the global leader in the purchase, the latter is the world’s first NetEase camp koala purchase of NetEase resources advantage. Continued to force the giants, so many vertical cross-border electronic business platform, the fate of more whirling in 2016, cross-border electricity market is destined to be extraordinary. Through Tmall, Jingdong and NetEase koala sea in 2016 to buy the market strategy, combined with the performance of the three in the past year, we can have a clearer understanding of the next step in the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

Tmall International: eggs under the platform model, foreign brands landed as the key

adhere to the operation of the platform model of Tmall international, the entire 2015 are busy with the world’s major brands, supermarkets, duty-free shops and other businesses signed a settlement agreement. Alibaba cross-border territory to take shape the National Museum in June eleven Tmall international debut as the important nodes, at the same time in the continuous introduction of national businesses, Tmall international is also expanding product categories, from the original baby food, cosmetics, gradually to the whole category expansion. Continuous operation mode of Ali’s business platform, with an open platform strategy and the flow of resources to attract merchants settled, with a platform for business growth and nurturing platform expansion, Tmall international is no exception. But cross-border electricity supplier is different from the domestic electricity supplier lies in the former to face the problem of localization of overseas brands. Foreign brands imported from abroad, if only simply settled platform, out of effective operation, I am afraid it will only become a brand show. Tmall international is a cross-border electricity supplier Ali business model has always adhered to its platform, foreign brands are the key to the local landing.

January 5, 2016, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong in the new year for the first time management internal meeting revealed Ali retail business in the future will focus on four aspects: to enhance the consumer experience, enabling businesses and ecological prosperity, the upgrading of consumption. Ali claimed that in 2016 to fight three battles, the first to bear the brunt of globalization. Tmall general manager of foreign food on the market in 2016 will also be the globalization strategy, as a key point of growth. From the top of its position in the market strategy perspective, as the task of assuming the globalization of Ali Tmall international 2016 will usher in the following changes.

first, through the large-scale introduction of TP operators to help international brands better landing, open up the Chinese market. Tmall international TP service providers also take settled mode, service providers qualification standards, some service providers has successfully settled started looking for clients on the network, like the Taobao store to feed a number of shops on behalf of the operators, Tmall international TP operators will become Ali electricity > mode

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