Talk about the promotion and profit of individual local classification website

the object of this article is:

1, no person, what strength, especially not what economic strength, if you need money, rather than to the hope project, then according to my method to promote your station.

2, a new category of Web sites, with little impact and traffic.

3, the webmaster is willing to endure hardship, you can insist on, boring boring + no income.

4, the local classification information site does not use this approach.

text start:

personal classification website promotion, is the promotion of marketing level, do not consider technical reasons. In addition, due to my limited level, low ability to understand the first look.

1, lay the foundation

said here is based on the need for a good program and good space. The program has the ability to write their own best words, can not write the words to the online search, search a lot. Space choice is very important, we must find a way to be compatible with a variety of local access space, telecommunications, Netcom, China Unicom, China Unicom and other visits are fast.

2, add content

local some classification sites or classification of channel information port, to copy back, at least let people look a lot of information of your classification station, update soon, this is an important foundation for the next step.

3, collect all kinds of local newspaper

mainly look at the ads, to see what the classification of advertising layout is no web site, the goal is it.

4, mobile

, put on your most beautiful outfit, in accordance with the contract of the company or department, a one to talk. The negotiations are as follows:

a, self introduction

two, tout their company or department, and then blow yourself.

three, the focus of negotiations: the other side did not publish advertisements on the Internet, and you can put them all to publish classified information in the newspaper are free to do on your site on their request is in the newspapers on your website. Such as:

classified information contact: their contact address: their address URL: your website address

in this way persist, that enrich the website information, and promote your website to the customer, for a long time, customers naturally to your web site, with IP increase, advertisers will not be difficult.

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