Enhance the seven factors B2C shop sales

can’t remember what time is from the Internet to a local article, let me from inadvertently turn out, this is an article on the B2C website operation experience, suitable for ready to engage in the B2C shop owners from.

1, the quality of the huge passenger flow (online store should provide comprehensive search engine optimization, to bring a lot of high quality online shop passenger flow)

2, scientific commodity display (online store should provide scientific and professional display of goods and shelves management, enhance customer desire for purchase)

3, unlimited shelf (online store should support more than one hundred thousand kinds of merchandise inventory, to provide customers with more choices)

4, a powerful than cargo function (online store should provide a powerful function than goods). Enhance customer satisfaction (


5, one-stop purchase (online store should provide supporting products sales function, allowing customers to comfort shopping while increasing business turnover)

6, convenient and safe settlement process (online store should provide a convenient and safe settlement process, so that customers ease of Fu Fei)

7, professional commodity private shopping guide (online store to provide customers with professional shopping guide, such as video shopping guide, product evaluation, product recommendation, etc.)

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