Adsense network broadcast the balance of treasure invasion of the bank’s core Taobao point surfaced

1 Sogou fate will be settled in July announced a major strategic

Tencent science and technology, Sogou will be held in the near future major strategic issues conference, which was originally scheduled to be held in June 18th, but in front of the event was suddenly postponed in the interior until July. Since the Qihoo 360 and Sogou rumors has lasted for two months, insiders judgment, the possibility in the near future trading results surfaced very large.

according to Tencent survey, 360 m & A Sogou negotiations began early this year. In March this year, the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and come back soon Sohu founder Zhang Zhaoyang media has been breaking in Beijing in a nightclub at a secret meeting, two companies planning major news of the deal has yet to be learned outside. At the end of April and early May, the two sides negotiation core suddenly leaked, informed sources told the Tencent after the technology that, when 360 Sogou just signed acquisition letter of intent (TermSheet).

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2 balance treasure into the core areas of the bank or touch the bank stock

balance treasure on the line in the financial network to draw a thick pen.


throughout the territory, from Alipay to the balance of treasure, Ma layout for 10 years. Previously, Ali small and micro financial products have covered the payment, small loans, guarantees, insurance and other fields. Alipay launched the "balance of treasure", which means Ali began to intervene in the financial field in the financial sector.

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3 from a strategic point of view Ali play with the path: do the pain points, earn money to earn the top

Ali is a formidable opponent for giant, is also a leader of the grass root love. From Taobao to Tmall, from Alipay to the balance of treasure, to the rookie logistics from the treasure, it can always grasp the key points to 42 pounds, the use of the Internet, the use of big data, the numerous small and medium enterprises, countless people into a coherent whole, create a super Empire, it is not in the hands of a the company in the competition, and the enterprise, but thousands on thousands of thousands on thousands of people in the competition. At first, it won.

Ali seems to be recent frequent action, behind the deep logic is very clear.

we can see the essence and essence of Ali from three angles. From a strategic point of view, Ali can achieve today’s success, but it seems that the momentum has not been cut, is benefiting from doing these three things.

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