From the things around you can find a dedicated career

, the most familiar things around the heart to do a good job, you can find a dedicated career."

do for the campus market community class website, for me is a kind of inevitable. My parents are taught at Tsinghua University, I grew up in Tsinghua campus, after graduation, went to the United States, has in Minnesota, Shuangcheng State University, Harvard University and the Yale University to study for 8 years. The campus is my most familiar place, is the source of entrepreneurial inspiration, whether it is the first time the business eYou, or community sites, zhanzuo are based on the campus of the stage.

selling products is always a valid business guidelines

in 1999, from Boston with a risk investment returning to the creation of Beijing eyou Information Technology Co. Ltd. (eYou) happened to met the arrival of the Internet bubble. It was in urgent need of financing, so very passive. We went to Hongkong financing, investors who saw the Internet project is like a plague."

is deeply influenced by my parents, I always think that technology should be the core of the internet. Although the first wave of technology is not the hot tide of the Internet, but in the bubble to save me. "Selling a product is a business rule that always works. When the bubble burst, you need hard to sell products. Fortunately, we have been focused on technology, China was also very need for corporate mail, especially on campus. That’s why we survive and grow."

through technical strength and business awareness, eYou a few years after the occupation of the national university campus market share of 85%. Based on many years of campus market business accumulation and analysis of the trend of the Internet, I was founded zhanzuo. But overseas Myspace and Facebook mode are rise directly to a high position. I do the first "eat crab" person, at home and zhanzuo was almost similar sites in more than and 20, now most have disappeared.

technology and moving people are very important

"Liuyang to do community websites, is not a sufficient condition, not a necessary condition." "There is no Liuyang background people can do community." Liuyang only increase the role of experience, temper will, can communicate with more people, to do more to the community website, scientists and the spirit of the artist’s eye.

"the way scientists work is to put forward a hypothesis and then use different methods to verify it. The artist’s way of doing things is to find a good subject and then show it in a way that can be accepted by most people."

these two methods of work for the community class website practitioners are indispensable. Before the advent of the first wave of the Internet, the value of the concept is greatly overestimated, many people with good ideas can easily turn to money in Wall Street. But with the bursting of the dotcom bubble, the real reason for the success of the web site is surfacing: the essence of the information revolution is the revolution of Technology

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