Cai Wensheng Baidu created a Chinese website with Pinyin domain boom


          April 25th news, the well-known Internet professionals, Master Wang Cai Wensheng recently in Sina micro-blog said that Baidu was opening pinyin is very far sighted, creating a China website with Pinyin domain craze.

Cai Wensheng wrote in Sina micro-blog: Baidu (domain name from a hard to find), October 1999 was registered, when the domestic large domain most English or digital.

Cai Wensheng believes that Baidu enabled Pinyin domain name is particularly visionary, but also verify that Baidu has always been the most understanding of Chinese, but also to create a Chinese website with Pinyin boom.

Cai Wensheng, the Internet bubble burst in 2000 when the "net" domain name investment, and achieved great success. May 2003, founded, and was acquired by Google in 2007. 2005~2007, held for three consecutive China Internet webmaster general assembly, is known as the godfather of the webmaster website.

after 2007, began the network investment, has invested in dozens of websites, China become famous angel investors, to speed beyond all expectations from the traditional business to emerging industry leader role transformation.

Cai Wensheng micro-blog 

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