Wanda the SF hey off in recent years the traditional companies are embracing the O2O out what pit


industry has always had a saying: beat Quanjude is not Ali, Tencent, but there may be a big Dong, grandma like " + Internet; " restaurant. This is a vote, the traditional companies have care-laden, afraid of being abandoned in the era, only to speed up the pace of what a O2O strategy.

about traditional companies to embrace the Internet this thing, although it looks so beautiful, but made countless heroes jingzheyao sheben also not only, fold fold market, minutes out of the pit that was not discuss with the. Today we see the transition on the road, what are the pit waiting for the traditional enterprise.

follow the trend of transformation in order to be able to O2O

: department store


this is almost the first pit to meet all of the traditional enterprise transformation of the tuyere is great, but not every pig can fly. It is true that some traditional enterprises destined to go this way, such as Suning, but the reason is that the strong demand for the market. The online Jingdong lack the line store experience, the lack of full line Gome Suning not online shopping, then lead out to transformation, seize the market commodity shopping pain points, to complete the closed loop service line, perfectly logical and reasonable nature.

shoes do not fit others do not say, some of the traditional enterprise get obviously less than O2O of the G-spot should not blind transformation, such as department store, we want that line entity shopping experience, is to walk out and buy. Online mall investment is too large can not do it, still have to be settled in WeChat micro mall, do not know how many online users, in vain to take into force and capital construction, not much diversion effect for the store consumption.

adhere to the performance appraisal, unable to stimulate employee enthusiasm

: Hey SF off


is about the traditional enterprise management is the management staff to follow the prescribed order, everything in good order and well arranged system, staff appraisal to performance standards. SF has the strict management process so many companies as the acme of perfection, from management to the courier have detailed qualifications seniority, in standard is the traditional enterprise performance guarantee.

however, Internet Co is the user, all to the user, the first product to do, the user satisfaction is the last word. Hey SF off the implementation of the performance appraisal, on the surface looks at the company’s business, but in fact just want to ensure employees to complete the task. So, who have the passion to really focus on product and service development? If the company 90 what advantage, that is wins in the company management to 90 " " so that employees can not hard to develop mental menace from the rear, polishing products. And adhere to the performance appraisal hey SF off but only to upgrade " "; the name of the strategic failure > cover

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