Free is the natural enemy of China’s nternet

free service is a unique local characteristics of China’s Internet market. From instant messaging to online games and then to C2C, all through the free strategy to defeat the opponent, thereby accumulating popularity and the number of users, and finally achieve the purpose of profit.

China’s Internet free strategy to cultivate the consumption habits of Chinese Internet users, in fact, also blocked the development of China’s internet. Just think, if Taobao does not open the free strategy pioneer, although the strategy may not be able to overcome China’s eBay, but the timing of the listing of Alibaba and is likely to advance.

we don’t say free science, first look at the following facts:

recently appeared a number of Witkey (CCTV audacious in the extreme has repeatedly reported), anti "paid service" this rule: 82 distribution principle, namely: 80% to the successful bidder, 20% as service charge by the website extraction, which is the only means of profit Witkey website.

am so the 82 in a flagrant way of Witkey distribution principle, it is courage can be good, but may also do not know who is a novice Witkey


I make unannounced visits to the famous Witkey Witkey industry, K68,, several web sites. Exactly the same, are the 82 principle of distribution, and the future is no free motivation. This is not obvious in the fight against it!

interesting, the author found that, I can network several websites shouting their C2C Witkey, ha ha, the tone is quite high! Business model similar to Taobao, but Taobao is selling real objects, Chenda sale is virtual intangible assets, it is also entering the Witkey C2C, but not completely free policy, which it is what win in the C2C market? Take the egg stone


C2C Witkey high-profile, caused by the industry and the media attention. C2C’s response to the same slightly Witkey, meaning roughly, the only choice is not free of the Internet, we provide the effective information, is worth to pay for it. It is precisely because of the charges, we provide you with valuable information and services.

and not say this kind of Witkey website can adhere to the policy of free, but one thing is worth respected, they believe that the Internet is free of predators, and not to free to peer competition. The market is very big, beat the opponent is not free, but substantial benefits for customers.

free is not the only choice for China’s Internet, it is worth thinking about their peers!

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