Double row 11 soldiers on the road car business only heroes sales


with 12 bells ringing, Carnival eleven double ended, the car home, easy car network, led by Tmall car electricity supplier war is ended, all have the sun out of their transcripts. Tmall total trading volume 35 billion 19 million (car category turnover of no specific data), BITAUTO 11 billion 700 million, car home 2 billion 643 million. We see behind these red figures is a strong market prospects, but the results in the birth of the moment has become history, we do not need too much care what it is, after the war finished, the summary is that we should be concerned about, see where wins lose again where thinking the potential crisis and the weak link, I believe there will be more significance.

well, directly to some summary about Tmall, behind the car home, easy car network of the three of the car electricity supplier war combat.


, with a flow of trial and error mode, use the results to verify the market.

from the Internet data, Tmall total sales amount is ten billion level, but such a big battle but did not hear a loud chongfenghao before the war. Micro-blog search on "Tmall" micro-blog, turn the page, the average forwarding amount only once, and this seems to be "total billion level record is not consistent, but for the reasons, in fact, parents do not want to separate the" Tmall "for the market to create the big sound, because this year’s only one purpose: the electric car business is what to do with what mode, it’s a great market space? How much? Because as I write this, Tmall wants to create more value and miracle, that is the time to seek a new breakthrough, and the" car "is certainly bear the brunt.

Tmall split in eleven before the Tmall pre-sale, stressed that this is interpreted as the C2B model. The car is carrying the pre-sale of the word "C2B"? In the face of the supply chain is the 4S store, and that the word "O2O" where to put it? So in my opinion that Tmall himself is not just good, Tmall this big integrated business platform how to adjust in response to an area with a huge market space in the future the operating mode can only try first?. Tmall is not easy car network and the car home car so the media attribute platform can dedicate, Tmall is a "family business", all have to follow the strategic direction. But the peristalsis or peristalsis, just a little bit of action. That is, "creep" is not an exaggeration, from car cloud data, Tmall cars coverage is much lower than that of automotive media platform coverage.

car home, gun hit the bird, although it is lying gun.

car home as early as a month ago began to hold high the banner of the drum, the advertisement also appeared frequently online and offline, but when waiting for the harvest, but lying in the gun, but received a large number of users Tucao and abuse. Because the car home and easy car network.

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