2009 the world’s best rookie website best blog best website evaluation

2009 is coming to an end, the domestic and international media inventory of Internet star products in 2009, innovative formats. The Time, the best global blog, 2009 year Readwriteweb and several media named the best website, the most promising sites, best Internet Co, great reference significance for the current situation and development trend of our study abroad the latest Internet, we selected the most representative of the Internet industry review.

1.2009 rookie of the year: Aardvark, Wolfram|Alpha

famous American technology blog reading and writing network (Readwriteweb), recently announced the 2009 Best Companies of the year, the most promising companies in 2009, were awarded Aardvark, Wolfram|Alpha.

let’s look back at the previous selection of the website:

2008 is the best small business office software company Zoho, the most promising company is Brightkite.

2007 best small company is Twitter, the most promising company is the open source movement".

2006 best small company is YouTube, the most promising company is Sharpcast.

2005 best small company is 37Signals, the most promising company is Memeorandum (now Techmeme) and Digg.


Aardvark (Chinese: Aardvark) is a social search engine, through artificial intelligence, and data on Natural Language Processing (presence data) to create a real-time network composed of people. The company was founded in 2007, but the product was released in the 09 – year – old southwest conference in March.

Aardvark will first analyze your problem, determine the scope of the problem, and then sent to the Aardvark users related to the problem. If there is no direct contact to answer, it will submit the problem to the entire community.

and Yahoo Q & A and other Q & a site is different, Aardvark no common problem library. The site’s mission is to get the latest answers from your social circle. Usually more than 85% of the questions will be answered.

Aardvark team are from Google and YAHOO engineers and well-known investors. At present, and some large technology companies to cooperate, and rumors have been included in the list of Google acquisition.

Aardvark is an artificial question answering system, business intelligence and Web2.0 spirit of the perfect combination of product ideas from web>

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