From Baidu to promote the proposal to consider how to promote enterprise search engine

Baidu product promotion website

website details the promotion of Baidu products – products are: competitive promotion, brand promotion, image promotion, hot zone promotion.

each product is a graphic method, both interactive Flash tutorial, it is easy to understand.

this can be regarded as a free practical network marketing training courses.

in the "product and service" column below the "promotion settings" attracted me.

promotion settings as long as the following five index to consider,

each index and different settings due to the different number of sales leads, sales leads quality promotion effect.

The number of

sales leads to more information about your products on the Internet, allowing more users to know that your company has a product service. If you show your promotional information every time you show a number of sales leads, the show ten times that you have got the number of sales leads to the number of ten.

sales leads quality refers to the average number of how many sales clues can be produced in a single click, or to produce products of telephone consultation, more than the average number of the number of sales leads can be used to deal the statistical quality of sales leads.

, a professional

as shown in the picture



keyword is set to the number of general and broad term "sales leads, the relative quality of sales leads, and key words set to the number of professional and specific words into the sales leads, and the quality of large sales leads.

because users use the keywords more professional, more specific, their needs more clear, but the number of such users less.

two, keyword number

as shown in figure


the number of keywords only to the number of sales leads, the number of keywords, the more the number of sales leads.

three, geographical range

as shown in figure


regional settings as long as it is based on business characteristics and service capabilities to consider the set. Plot range promotion to obtain higher quality sales leads. While the country to promote a high number of sales leads and low quality sales leads.

, for example, Beijing customers search for "business promotion" and shows the Guangzhou business promotion company and the Beijing business promotion company, the customer he wants to find is the location of the company in Beijing. At this time, the company can only promote Guangzhou

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