Two years to do stand experience hope useful for new Adsense

      just started working in a network company. Every day to do is to maintain the site. To the customer site, to live do not often, fear is the maintenance of website human type ctrl+C ctrl+v daily plus more than and 20, the other time is online. Play games. Time goes by so day by day, a year later nothing.

      in 2005 when the Sohu Forum on the AD paste punishment is now slightly lower than the. Direct AD posted only the fate of the deleted, a part of the content, the following links with their own, but also delete. But the top posted on the right, see others posts. Immediately to keep up with their ads, looks like the signature of the ad paste. At that time, the forum was full of AD, and I was able to get from SOHU to 3000IP every day at this time.

      this time I seem to see a way to bring traffic. Forum top AD paste, in this way, the country’s major forums have my AD, traffic also rose to 8000IP.

      general note not to delete a number, how many times have the title, but not IP. And related domain names, can be deleted in the note. Not now. Now directly mask domain related text,

      one stop. There is no flow. This practice gives me the feeling of "tired" ~

      the first penny earned in 2006.

      for the first time advertising is "easy to advertise," click on advertising, do 3 months earned $100. This is the beginning of wangzhuan. When I saw the first income from the site. I am very excited, the feeling of excitement is now unable to realize, have a sense of achievement, realized for the first time, do not for fun. Can make money.

      so began the cycle, every day human ctrl+C ctrl+V. BBS, Baidu post bar, when the flow is low, income is always a little bit.

      later met "Yue expensive" provide monthly advertising, very lucky when I rank on 10W (in fact, IP is not high, but the 2006 Alexa can brush. Multi domain name with automatic jump cycle brush can go up. The highest daily ranking has reached 3W, and now no longer. 2 month monthly.

      every night tired arm acid, back pain.

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