The Ministry of industry criticized the vicious competition in the nternet without naming

daily news (reporter Wei Yu) is controversial in electricity price war and fighting 360 Baidu search industry competition event background, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry is still in a way without naming the ice yesterday, in 2012 Chinese Internet Conference specifically criticized Internet companies malicious speculation and vicious competition, and encouraged enterprises compliance business rules and business ethics.

from 3Q a couple of years ago (360VS Tencent) war to the present small 3 (millet VS360) slobber war, the electricity supplier price farce (360VS Baidu) and 3B disputes, the Internet industry always once again focused attention, provoking the user’s nerves, has led to a public challenge to enterprise speculation and unfair competition the.

yesterday, Shang Bing mentioned in his speech, I hope the majority of Internet companies to further enhance the overall awareness and sense of responsibility, not malicious speculation and vicious competition. He said, "Internet companies should comply with industry regulations and business ethics, strengthen internal management, legitimate business integrity, fair and rational competition, earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations, and constantly improve the level of service, consciously resist the malicious competition. We hope that through competition, through consultation, administrative, judicial and other legitimate channels to solve, not malicious speculation and vicious competition. In particular, can not harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers".

in fact, this is the last week after the involvement of a number of relevant departments of the state Internet companies melee, but also a government department of the status quo of the current industry competition position.

in mid August, sponsored by the Jingdong store, Gome and Suning with the electricity supplier price war caused the attention of the whole society. However, in the price war, the third party software parity data and consumers generally reflect the price war is the "thunder" and "Huyou consumers". To this end, the NDRC has been in the last week, the electricity supplier price war and preliminary investigation, that the process of price war, has electricity supplier promotional suspected of original fiction, such as "zero profit" fails to fulfill commitments, indicate no goods available, less actual coincidence commodity consumer fraud act.

in addition, the recent concern of the search industry 3B war, also caused the attention of government departments. According to informed sources, the relevant departments require 360 and Baidu to stop speculation and malicious fight". In fact, just two years ago, the government has to stop Internet companies struggle to participate in the competition 360 year conflict and Tencent have been intensified to make hundreds of millions of Internet users, "one of two" damage to the users the right to freedom of choice.

in spite of this, the vicious battle of Internet companies are still common. The monopoly and unfair competition in Internet industry, government intervention to always stay in the level, and there is no specific supervision and punishment measures. In this regard, experts, well-known IT legal Chinese Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center legal adviser Zhao Zhanling said, "the government departments to stop palliatives, not detailed in the laws and regulations of the situation, the government departments need to accelerate the introduction of administrative regulations and.

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