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Abstract: the next thirty years, the Internet impact on all walks of life will be more violent, e-commerce is only a harbinger of change.


titanium media note: cloud habitat conference held yesterday, Ma said: pure electricity supplier era will soon be over, the word e-commerce may soon be eliminated. Then, Ma Yun held last night before the annual general meeting of shareholders of Alibaba, issued an open letter to shareholders.

in the letter, Ma reiterated that Ali will be data as a new resource, computing as a new technology, leading the new retail, new manufacturing and new financial changes. Ali will build infrastructure for the growth of new entities. And that Ali is a solution to the social problems of the company, twenty years later, I hope to be able to serve the world’s 2 billion consumers, able to make up the company’s profit of 10 million to create an employment opportunity of one hundred million.

he also predicted that the next thirty years, the Internet impact on all walks of life will be more violent, e-commerce is only a harbinger of change. We will face online, offline, logistics data supply chain combined with the new retail industry, pure electricity supplier companies will face enormous challenges.

Ma Yun with a set of figures to describe Ali listed more than two years of business performance. Among them, the mobile terminal to the retail business contribution of more than 75%, has become the world’s largest economy mobile platform; annual turnover over 3 trillion; more than 430 million active buyers, almost every 3 Chinese have a consumer in Ali platform.

in the construction of the future of commercial infrastructure, Ali to do is not only to allow businesses to connect with the Internet, but to allow businesses to connect with the future of efficient business model". This includes the transaction market, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data and other elements.

he once again stressed that globalization is still one of the three major strategies of Alibaba, Alibaba infrastructure provider’s image will be beyond national boundaries.

the same day, the group CEO Zhang Yong also released an open letter, in response to Ma’s judgment on the Internet, in the letter elaborated on the basis of the existing ecological, Ali four judgments and layout of the future. Includes:

the entire consumer goods retail industry is undergoing a comprehensive business transformation of the Internet, the integration of online and offline is the trend of the times;

new consumer global big data operation of cross media marketing mode based on

is formed;

cloud computing and big data will be widely used in all aspects of social and economic life;

future business changes, more and more dependent on new technology innovation.

The following is the full text of

Ma letter:

dear Alibaba shareholders:

this is my second letter, we have been listed on the tour for two years.

listed that day, I >

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