Toxic food network fame warning network traffic roughly the site to crash


China’s food safety situation map network screenshot

Voices Online News May 3rd (reporter Li Kunli) recently, a "throw out the window" website attracted the attention of netizens in Huasheng forum, the website included the clear sources and victims of more than 2 thousand harmful food records, according to types of provinces, food to query, was friends known as the "toxic food warning web site".

in June 17, 2011, Wu Heng published the "China Food Safety News Database", with China’s food safety issues continue to increase, the contents of the database are constantly updated. As of April 29th, the website information Kuli after 5 revisions, "toxic food warning website" become the focus of attention of netizens again.

"China food safety situation map"

April 29th, Wu Heng to the electronic magazine "Manzi digest" micro-blog official submission, on the same day at 17:45, this called "news database" Chinese food safety issues article is put on the network, and announced its website "throw out the window".

website home page, a Chinese food safety situation map with different colors show the evolution of the domestic food safety issues from 2004 to 2011. The figure shows that only 4 of the 2004 national food safety serious regional development in 2011 11, south of the Yangtze River "almost The whole army was wiped out".

Wu Heng added in the site’s content, said: April 12th saw the production of leather waste gelatin was made into a medical capsule news, then the old yogurt also shot, for a time, the shoes are busy, I am desperate." Because the discovery of this period of time past, food safety issues in the system almost no improvement."

easy to eat feces so that users nervous nervous

Wu Heng has used the "easy manure food" as the "survey, China food security situation in the title," it accurately reflects the status quo of Chinese food safety: no one is an island, who can not stay out, even if you are the poisonous food manufacturers."

Wu Heng in his micro-blog said: "these years have seen black food news, really think this is a" easy manure cannibalism "society." This evaluation, triggering a hot friends:

Netizen "

Yi persisted: 2011" Chinese, why don’t you get angry? Why silence


user "chengxiaosongats": starve to death in poultry meat heap.

Netizen "

HJ’s first": easy manure with food, food in the Chinese social chaos.

@ laugh rain: human beings are always moving forward in the twists and turns!

@weiqng: change is done by doing things

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