With 3 million 500 thousand traffic nothing video author sued Youtube

Beijing on August 16th news: according to foreign media reports, recently, a man in Massachusetts, the video station Youtube and its owner Google company to court, he said he contributed 3 million 500 thousand views to Youtube, have the right to share a part of income.

the man named Benjamin · legrip, Youtube website is an enthusiastic video original author. Legree said that the figures show that their production of video, has contributed to the Youtube site 3 million 500 thousand times the amount of.

as everyone knows, Youtube later launched a video production partnership, part of face recognition partner, Youtube will provide advertising revenue, but who can become a partner is Youtube say.

Legree has applied to the Youtube, hoping to become a content partner, and thus get part of the return. But his request was rejected by Youtube.

legrip will huff, some of the staff of Youtube, Google and Youtube of the club to court.


said in the complaint, he had to spend a lot of time and effort to make videos, the great contribution to the flow of Youtube sites, but so far did not get a penny in return.

Legree believes that the Youtube site deliberately mislead the Internet users, so that they believe that positive for Youtube original video can get substantial returns. Legree also said that his Gmail mailbox has received two letters, the content is how to get rich through Youtube.