Do not have to operate marketing more cautious

today, the Internet has brought countless convenience to our life, let the whole world changed, which came into being in the continuous development of network marketing, although at this stage, the network marketing has achieved great success, but some understanding and misunderstanding on the exercises are constantly reminding us network marketing, not everyone can go. Especially for businesses, although considerable power of network marketing, but the improper operation will bring negative effect enough for their brand value, so the network marketing for what are the errors?

price brings the misunderstanding

the first thing to say is due to the misunderstanding on the price, after all businesses to seek maximum benefits, network marketing to create explosion, will inevitably bring about the high profit, but if businesses reckless greatly increase the price, but ignore the quality problems, and this approach will bring the price above the reaction, it will cause harm to their own brand.

I think Luo Yonghao’s hammer mobile phone is an example, according to the current user feedback, so the high value of the domestic mobile phone, but actually there are scratches, this may not be the biggest problem, the bigger problem is that mobile phone shipments hammer and was declared the result of contradiction, this result was overwhelming and the network marketing to be quite different and from this point, because of the pursuit of the ultimate price, not the quality, shipments and other elements into consideration, for which the hammer is not a good result, there are many examples of the same, these are also the price first brings misunderstanding, is the network marketing personnel is apt to make mistakes once. By money interference, it’s easy to get lost.

network marketing is not exclusive

finished second, price first brings misunderstanding, and now have to talk about social marketing will exaggerate the results, and the result is more influence to network marketing, network marketing, a lot of people claiming to be the master, to tell people he is a master of marketing, and it also caused businesses for over reliance on Internet marketing. Due to the homogenization and bloated also makes network marketing results greatly reduced, so that network marketing is not exclusive to the specific behavior.

overall, network marketing is not some patent, in fact, life, many examples have proved that the network marketing is every business can, but the professional team can bring better results, but the effect should not be exaggerated too much network camp pin, or only for their customers too high the marketing network marketing costs, then the final result is the enterprise.

The combination of

technology and marketing is not a panacea

then want to say is in this era of big data, people always data and network marketing is called perfect, this pattern repeated at the same time like this, but I want to say is that the combination of technology and marketing are on the one hand, the basic question is whether what is their sales.

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